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Artists from around the world can apply now until October 8th 2011 to take part in the WASH Camp! The final winners will be invited to attend.

After an introduction into the topic WASH the artists will work in an artspace on their artwork. Two of the wall paintings or artwork will be selected to be reproduced onto outdoor walls in Hamburg and Bonn. All artwork will be presented in partner galleries in Hamburg.

How do I apply to attend?
Send your name, age, country and artist name, scribble of the work you want to do with the topic WASH and list of material you want to use as well as fotos of 2-3 work examples to

How am I getting an invitation to attend the festival?
1) applications will be preselected by the WASH team
2) jury will vote with 22 points each for their favourite artists regarding the creteria     3) 10 international, 6 european, 6 german artists will be the finalists
4) in a jury meeting the final list will be discussed and proved
5) jury can hand out 3 wild cards for artists they think should definitely attend the WASH camp
6) all 22 finalists are being announced for the online voting (including the owner of the wild card)
7) 11 artists are being voted to attend (or 8 regarding whether the jury already has given some wild cards)

The creteria for the jury are:
1) unique characteristic
2) topic WASH is represented
3) positiv (no tear-jerkers)
4) election in groups: 10 international, 6 european, 6 german artists




11 thoughts on “Apply Now!

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  3. i just sent you an email with an application. i am a body-artist/bodypainter and I’d like to participate in your festival with my art. i guess it fits to the topic “wash” perfectly, as at the end, all my models have to “wash” after the painting session… ;-) neil

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  6. Hi guys!
    Iam Zezão graffiti writer fron São Paulo – Brasil and friend of Faith 47.
    She told me about your project and im writing just know if is possible to participate for your realy nice projetct in Hamburg.
    Let me know if are you like or know my work and if i have a oportunity to stay painting in Hamburg with are you.

    Thank you.


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