Here they are: our participants @ WASH Social Art Festival 2011

Dear WASH Festival friends.

Thanks for your votes, now we have the final results!!!

We originally said we will invite 5 international, 3 European and 3 German artists. As there were three wild cards for international artists Faith 47, Frederico Morim and Shamsia already, only 8 more artists could be voted.

Due to another big convention in Johannesburg, Faith 47 and DAL had to cancel their participation. Therefor other artists can now be part of the WASH Festival 2011.

Here are the lucky ones who will attend our WASH Camp:

Wild Cards
Frederico Morim (Mozambique)
Shamsia (Afghanistan)

Dhear (Mexico)
NAF (Peru)
Zezao (Brazil)

Billy (England)
Tika (Swiss / Global Nomad)
Sago (Italy)

BIte alles ändern

Thanks everybody for voting again and stay tuned for upcoming news!
Love, the WASH team


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