Urban Art Exibition in Berlin


One of the WASHfestival Artists ALANIZ from Argentina intiated a Urban Art Exibition in Berlin from the 28.06 – 30.08. 2012. Check out their project..

It is impossible to mention Yetuschenko without connecting him directly to various movements of the 60s. Ideologies of hope, revolution and utopia – ideas which could not be implemented consistently but  they still remained in collective memory. 50 years later we discover that many manifestations, maybe rather based in spontaneous actions than in theory, are developed, achieving real results. We cannot assure their longterm success, but we can reaffirm that they have demonstrated their powerful strength of transformation in a short period of time.

We can position Urban Art or the Post Graffiti within this new manifestations – a movement that maybe did not define a clear ideology from its very start but grounded itself powerfully within society over the years and developed its very own style. If we consider that art has been characterized as an expression of transgression and provocation from the beginning, than it might be right to think that now it is Urban Art that is fulfilling this role of rebellion, not longer as a subgroup but like a fresh and spontaneous collective.

Silence is a lie is an exhibition about this movement that rethinks and questions actual parameters of art without even intending to do so. A movement that breaks the silence imposed by the conformance of the majority, offering its truth about reality through the art.

This exhibition is open to any artist who wants to tell his or her truth. Just as no words are needed to break silence, there is no need to be obvious when communicating something.Thus, we do not ask especially for works with political content or focus on social issues but give every artist the opportunity to express his or her vision of the world in his own style or the way he/she likes best.

Finally, the exhibition is going to be a good reflection of how urban artists see the present and how they share that vision with the world.The intention is to create a bridge of dialogue and communication between different views and ways of expressions, not a contest or a competition.However, we are obliged to select a limited number of exhibition participants due to space limitation.This is the first step to create a new location for Urban Art in Berlin with the opportunity of a further existence!


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