We wish you WASH!

Video by Typeholics, Music by Tobi Bock

Welcome to the WASH Festival. We are happy that you Рmaybe with a little help of our sensationell video (thanks to Benjamin, Felix & Henning, Typeholics) -  you landed here. We promise you a great trip experiencing arts, music and additional some social impact you can be proud of if you will attend! The WASH Festival is the first Social Art Festival worldwide. Our goal is to generate attention and shine a light on the topic WASH and the two aid agencies Viva con Agua and the Welthungerhilfe. The proceeds of the WASH Festival go to their current WASH project in Ethiopia.

Be part of it! As an artist, guest on our events or also one mouth who is shouting out loud that the WASH Festival is taking place in Hamburg from November 10th to 22nd, 2011 first time. Thank you for spreading, sharing and attending: with your help finally more people will have clean water to live. Love the people!!!

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