Sat. 12th Nov

OPENING DAY 12-20h @ WASHcamp (Schulterblatt 36)



Tickets AK only! / 8 € AK

Next Level Beats by:

AL HACA SOUNDSYSTEM (Cruchtime/Berlin/Leipzig)


Al Haca is an international conspiracy of Super-Beings. Each of its members possesses individual Super-Mutant powers, which when united in the name of the Eternal Wall of the Low End and through Al Haca create a Cumulous Cloud like Bass frequency that destroys anything Soulless within its reach on impact. The frequencies collectively generated by all the Al Haca members simultaneously have the power to adjust the Earth’s vibration to the Universal Blueprint giving all living beings a glimpse of a perfectly balanced world. Mission Statement: To destroy the disbeliever principle inside disbelievers themselves and to allow the All to attain peace. The central committee core of Al Haca is based in Berlin/Leipzig Germny; Sub committees are found all over the Globe..

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PHOKUS (WobWob) & GRAPES (Pulse)


PHOKUS growing up in a suburb of Hamburg, Phokus played drums in different Punk bands before he started DJing and producing. Soon he started producing beat and bass heavy tunes and became very interested in Jungle and Drum & Bass. This is when he started DJing and buying records. In 2006 he released his first 12’’ on MG77 Recordings titled “Dem All Shot/Danger” featuring Tinchy Stryder and Dirty Danger (Ruff Sqwuad). Phokus plays out DJsets in germany and europe and played lgs.: Kode9, Mala, Coki, Hijak, Rusko, The Bug, Skream, Headhunter, Joker, Forsaken, Pinch, N-Type, Luke Envoy, Jazzsteppa, Milanese, MC Ears, Tes La Rok and many more…He is released on: Scrub A Dub, MG77, Police In Helicopter, SPB, Raboisen, Lado.

Grapes is one of the most active figures in Hamburgs’ vibrant Bass Music scene. With close ties to the WobWob, iLL, and Broke But Dope crews, he is known for connecting knowledge, skills an his incredible crates to a sound that kicks ass big time! Mostly showing his love for deep bass frequencies, he mixes rough Dubstep together with influences from many different styles, like Rap, Jungle and Grime. Always worth a dance!

Everytime Phokus and Grapes come together to play a back to back set, they make the dancefloor shake and tremble with heavy bass and infectious grooves to make crowds go crazy while making sure that every venue turns into a grown mens playground!

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BIOS (Saturate/Hamburg)







BIOS was always making music and can’t do anything else. Most of the times, he does it with Liquid Rockz and others. Together with with SATURATE! he founded a platform for ill, slimy bass in December 2010, to celebrate finest bass music and destroy clubs with nice DJsets.

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The Berlin DJs Bobby Soulo & Olli Jay, also known from their Band Projects “Die Gefundenen Fressen” & “KAJAK”, where they show their talents as Producer, Keyboarder and Guitarist, are connected by their love for Hip Hop / Funk & Soul. For the first time they will now perform a set together. In their DJ Sets they combine many styles of music as long as it feels good. Smooth and melodic or rough and bouncy…. These two know how to tear the roof down and make the people sweat.

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