Thu. 17th Nov

OPENING HOURS 12-20h @ WASHcamp (Schulterblatt 36)



Tickets: AK only / 8 € Abendkasse

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MARBERT ROCEL live (Compost Rec./Leipzig)

Centaurs, the last inhabitants of Atlantis, pearl divers of the sky, ligers, 
hybrids of birds, dolphins and walnuts, triplets of chocolate or flying tambourines? 
Yes, you’ll find all of that in Marbert Rocel!….
»What doesn’t fit into a single sentence won’t appear in our music.
…. It all started with the broken TV in Malik’s and Panthera’s flat. Extreme boredom was taking over so the two began training dogs in deceptively real imitations of bass drums and Fender Rhodes. 
But as the dogs weren’t that committed to sticking around for the arrangement of the tracks, 
they got the boot and Marbert Rocel focussed on MPC and computer instead. 
With all their remaining dog food they moved into a studio that the nightingale Spunk had chosen for her nesting site…..
»We built a beautiful golden cage next to a microphone, furnished it with silk and brocade, 
locked it carefully with a paint brush and released our first album ‘Speed Emotions’ on Compost Records in 2007.«
- A flash of lightning!

…Over the course of the last 525,601 minutes Malik and Panthera took turns in counting 
backwards while Spunk lived in disguise with a bird family next to the sports ground. 
All the experiences they gatherd were jammed into a big box with a window and Marbert Rocel released ‘Catch A Bird’ in 2009 on Compost Records.
»We listen to rap, love jazz and like it best to dance to house. Spunk also enjoys changing tyres on monster trucks. 
There is no well defined style – we’re just making music in major with chords in minor.«….Exhilarating, but always with a stroke of bittersweet pain.

homepage    vid    remix    live in munich


TYREE COOPER  (Supa Dupa Rec./Chicago)

Tyree Cooper, the man, the legend.. was schooled in the early age at the forefront of the House Music Revolution. Tyree Cooper is now regarded as one of the most influential artists in the international house scene, looking back to a respectable discography (“I Fear The Night“ (1986), “Acid Over“(1988), “Turn Up The Bass“ (1988/89),“’Let’s Get Hyped“ (feat. Kool Rock Steady, 1989), “Let the Music Take Control“(1989)). In 2002 Cooper founded his own label: Supa Dupa Recordings.
Some Remixing highlights and hits were undoubtedly Fast Edde “Yo! Yo! Get Funky“, “It`s Alright” from the Pet Shop Boys and the Mixmasters “In the Mix“ which was featured in Madonna’s Truth or Dare. True to the scene Tyree still lives in Chicago and spreading his roots also in Europe’s exciting capitol Berlin – doing what he does best…. spinning and traveling to Europe for gigs and producing new tracks and of course together with Shik Stylkö for realbasic recordings. His contribution to Hip House widened the appeal of House music, laid House as a template for a kaleidoscope of musical styles and brought the Urban vibe of Hip Hop firmly into House Music.

Tyree’s blog    That’s House Music   Old school 88′   HipHouse Anthem


MATTHIAS REILING (Session Victim/Deslusions of Grandeur)








Repping it for Retreat, Deslusions of Grandeur, Giegling and Retreat while ripping dancefloors across Europe. As one half of SESSION VICTIM, MATTHIAS REILING is renowned for unleashing the whole package of house, disco & soul power.
 Catch them on the one’s and two’s and you will find a devoted pair of vinyl DJ’s playing it from the heart with every record and be sure not to miss their blood, sweat and no tears live set; you’ll most likely find the club turned upside down, no matter if it’s Hamburg’s Ego, Berlin’s Tape, Zürich’s Zukunft or London’s Corbert Place.
 In the beginning of 2011 Matthias Reiling’s released his latest LP “Doppelgänger” a fusion of House, HipHop and Jazz. The Hamburg-based artist dabbled in hip-hop early in his career, and his debut album “Das Gespenst von Altona” reflects this side of his taste, weaving between 4/4 rhythms and slower, more syncopated beats.

Retreat    Reviews    Apology Video    Fresh Fruits


CHRISTOPHER RAU (Smallville/Pampa)









Coming from the world of Hip Hop and mpc production..Christopher Rau made his own way to the House Music Family and with his debut release “Ne Travaillez Jamais“ on his co-founded label Dérive he made his own name to a bigger audience. In 2010 he released his album “Aper Clouds” on Smallville Records. Furthermore he had other realeses on Giegling, Aim, Laid and Smallville Records. This years he was recruted by DJ Koze for the 3 track EP “How do you feel today” on Pampa Records. As DJ Christopher Rau is well known for his exiting sets he plays in selected venues in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, London and Paris.

how are you on pampa    smallville    soundcloud mixes    youtube




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