WASH project

All proceeds raised during the WASSERTAGE 2011 and the WASH Festival go to the Viva con Agua and Welthungerhilfe WASH project in Ethiopia. A project for water and sanitation in the Amhara region.

Since 2006, the Welthungerhilfe realizes a widespread water project in this region. The goal is to reduce Ethiopias poverty and to gain sustainable development. In 2008/2009 Viva con Agua and the Welthungerhilfe visited this project.

Besides giving the population their basic needs such as the WASH elements of building wells/latrines and spring developments, the project also relies on a help for self help approach, like training regional craftsmen to conduct future building operations.

Training, educational measures and expert advice will raise the populations awareness on the topic of WASH. WASH financing by Viva con Agua: 176.402 Euro; project duration until august 2012.

More about the project in Ethiopia here.




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