Urban Art Exibition in Berlin


One of the WASHfestival Artists ALANIZ from Argentina intiated a Urban Art Exibition in Berlin from the 28.06 – 30.08. 2012. Check out their project..

It is impossible to mention Yetuschenko without connecting him directly to various movements of the 60s. Ideologies of hope, revolution and utopia – ideas which could not be implemented consistently but  they still remained in collective memory. 50 years later we discover that many manifestations, maybe rather based in spontaneous actions than in theory, are developed, achieving real results. We cannot assure their longterm success, but we can reaffirm that they have demonstrated their powerful strength of transformation in a short period of time.

We can position Urban Art or the Post Graffiti within this new manifestations – a movement that maybe did not define a clear ideology from its very start but grounded itself powerfully within society over the years and developed its very own style. If we consider that art has been characterized as an expression of transgression and provocation from the beginning, than it might be right to think that now it is Urban Art that is fulfilling this role of rebellion, not longer as a subgroup but like a fresh and spontaneous collective.

Silence is a lie is an exhibition about this movement that rethinks and questions actual parameters of art without even intending to do so. A movement that breaks the silence imposed by the conformance of the majority, offering its truth about reality through the art.

This exhibition is open to any artist who wants to tell his or her truth. Just as no words are needed to break silence, there is no need to be obvious when communicating something.Thus, we do not ask especially for works with political content or focus on social issues but give every artist the opportunity to express his or her vision of the world in his own style or the way he/she likes best.

Finally, the exhibition is going to be a good reflection of how urban artists see the present and how they share that vision with the world.The intention is to create a bridge of dialogue and communication between different views and ways of expressions, not a contest or a competition.However, we are obliged to select a limited number of exhibition participants due to space limitation.This is the first step to create a new location for Urban Art in Berlin with the opportunity of a further existence!


Day 5 @ the WASH Camp. Amazing work is ready for the FINISSAGE on Saturday, 19th!!

On Saturday 19th of November, opening hours 12-20hrs, we will show the great work that developed throughout the WASH Social Art Festival. Not only one masterpiece of work of each artist, also smaller pieces, shirts (thanks to our sponsor Knowledge Cotton) and even shoes (thanks to our sponsor KEDS) can be bought in the WASH Camp. Schulterblatt 36, which becomes the gallery on that day.

On some of the pieces we already got offers, but we want to give a wider publicity the chance to see the work and also make an offer to buy a piece. Half of the proceeds stays with the artists, the other half goes to Viva con Agua and Welthungerhilfe for their actual WASH project in Ethiopia.

If you are interested in one of the big pieces, please send us an e-mail to dannie@WASHfestival.com. The pieces are about 6-8m long and 2-3m high, painted on seperated wood-pieces.

Here you can see the pieces (still) being created at the WASH Camp:

Alaniz / Argentina


Billy / UK


Bitte alles ändern / Germany


Dhear / Mexico


Naf / Peru


Sago / Italy


Tika / Swiss


Zezao / Brasil


Mittenimwald / Germany



Shamsia / Afghanistan


Klub7 / Germany





Day 3 @ the WASH Camp – a lot to see already!

Check this out. Some of the artists haven’t arrived yet and others are almost ready with their work already. Everyday from 12-20hrs most of them are working at the Camp to finish their pieces – cause all of them can’t wait to go outside and paint the big wall we are about to check for them. So watch out in the city for the new masterpiece to come.

Tonight we gonna party at the WASHFestival – HipHop Night at Hafenklang. Come and celebrate with us!!! For more info check out our events page.

Check out the work of Mittenimwald, Billy, Sago and Tika:

Day 1 at the WASH Camp

EXCIIIIITING! You can already watch our artists work at the WASH Camp. After the very interesting workshop from partner WELTHUNGERHILFE the artists were very inspired and started working on their pieces right away. Many different interpretations of the topic WASH will be realised in the next wee. Here you can see some of the actual work (Shamsia, Dhear and Alaniz). You can come by and visit us everyday from 12-20hrs and meet the artists while working. Our coffee at the bar is delicious!!!

Work in progress. ONE DAY LEFT!!!

We are so excited. Dhear already arrived yesterday, most of the artists will be here today. And the last things are being prepared today in our WASH Camp. Only one day left to our press conference on Friday, November 11th, 12AM.

Here are some impressions of the work in our WASH Camp. Come and visit us and the artists while working. Opening hours from Saturday 12th: 12-20hrs.

Thanks and LOVE to Lauter Kollektiv and all the great people helping us creating this space!!!


Here they are: our participants @ WASH Social Art Festival 2011

Dear WASH Festival friends.

Thanks for your votes, now we have the final results!!!

We originally said we will invite 5 international, 3 European and 3 German artists. As there were three wild cards for international artists Faith 47, Frederico Morim and Shamsia already, only 8 more artists could be voted.

Due to another big convention in Johannesburg, Faith 47 and DAL had to cancel their participation. Therefor other artists can now be part of the WASH Festival 2011.

Here are the lucky ones who will attend our WASH Camp:

Wild Cards
Frederico Morim (Mozambique)
Shamsia (Afghanistan)

Dhear (Mexico)
NAF (Peru)
Zezao (Brazil)

Billy (England)
Tika (Swiss / Global Nomad)
Sago (Italy)

BIte alles ändern

Thanks everybody for voting again and stay tuned for upcoming news!
Love, the WASH team


We wish you WASH!

Video by Typeholics, Music by Tobi Bock

Welcome to the WASH Festival. We are happy that you – maybe with a little help of our sensationell video (thanks to Benjamin, Felix & Henning, Typeholics) -  you landed here. We promise you a great trip experiencing arts, music and additional some social impact you can be proud of if you will attend! The WASH Festival is the first Social Art Festival worldwide. Our goal is to generate attention and shine a light on the topic WASH and the two aid agencies Viva con Agua and the Welthungerhilfe. The proceeds of the WASH Festival go to their current WASH project in Ethiopia.

Be part of it! As an artist, guest on our events or also one mouth who is shouting out loud that the WASH Festival is taking place in Hamburg from November 10th to 22nd, 2011 first time. Thank you for spreading, sharing and attending: with your help finally more people will have clean water to live. Love the people!!!